Polished concrete driveway

Concrete polishing has risen in popularity for driveway surfacing. This was predominately used in commercial situations but is now loved in residential applications. Today, polished concrete is a combination of several elements – cement, stone, and colouring agents. When polished, they are extraordinary.


Polished concrete on driveways are a fraction of the cost you’d expect, given the end result. It gives the concrete a smooth, matte finish which is achieved by grinding the concrete surface and exposing the aggregates. Fine abrasive pads are then used for polishing, followed by locking it in place with a surface sealant.


What do you envision for your polished concrete?

There are two types of polished concrete: easy grind (plain and shiny) and hard grind (visible colour, shape and size). People love polished concrete driveways because they require little maintenance, are easy to keep clean and tidy, improve natural lighting, and show off the nuances of colour. It also leaves little to no tyre marks.


Your driveway can look this good

While driveways aren’t exactly the ‘sexy’ home improvement task that you dream (or Pinterest) about, it’s hard to ignore an old, bad one. It’s the first part of the home that’s visible to guests and seen from the road. It frames the house more than we realise. And you’ll notice it, once you see the finish of gorgeous polished concrete.


No scratch or stain polished concrete

It’s hard to beat the look and functionality of polished concrete for your driveway. It gives a designer finish (yes, even for your driveway it’s important), is hard-wearing, and an environmentally suitable choice. No wonder it’s been used in commercial settings for so long. It ‘sells’ a lifestyle, with its luxury, cohesive feel.


Interested in finding out more about polished concrete for your driveway? We can polish existing slabs and create a visually appealing floor exposing natural variations and character, that’ll support multiple cars, foot traffic, and weather.


We’ve used it for many years in residential applications. Partner with our team of concrete experts to map out plans for your revived driveway. Get ready for your neighbours to ask all about your new polished concrete driveway. They’ll think you’ve spent tens of thousands with how good it’ll look. They won’t catch you out there cleaning it often, though. This is a low-maintenance driveway.


If you’re searching for a reliable, affordable and friendly polished concrete driveway company in the Gold Coast, contact us.

polished driveway

polished concrete driveway