Polished concrete pool surrounds

Do you have a swimming pool? Lucky you! There’s only one thing better: a pool with polished concrete surrounds. This surface option is one of the finest. Polished concrete around the pool is a first preference for many, as it’s durable and low-maintenance, hygienic, and slip-resistant. This is a low-cost flooring option to frame a pool.


This surface style is used in many different settings, including shop floors because of its premium look. You might assume polished concrete is expensive, but it’s not. That’s the beauty of it – it mimics top-end materials like brick, wood, slate or tile, for a fraction of the cost.

A glossy surface and gorgeous sheen

You’re going to love the look of polished concrete. The stylish sheen perfectly frames the pool, making it an even more enviable feature of your house. It’s easy to clean and a safe surface for around a swimming pool. Our team specialises in concrete surfaces, from driveways and paths, shed surfaces to pool surrounds. It’s all we need to do, because concrete allows us to create unlimited looks. Polished concrete is one of our favourites.


The no-slip surface for your pool

The only worry that comes with having a pool is making sure it’s safe. The surface surrounding the edge of the water is an important choice and it doesn’t get safer than polished concrete. Add a penetrating sealer and it’s slip and fall-proof. This is extremely critical if you have young kids who love to run around.


Partner with a team of polished concrete pool specialists, who can craft a surface that meets all your needs. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars into a gorgeous new pool surrounding. With this option (and our expert design advice) your new surface will give that now-complete look to your pool. You let us know the budget, design and taste you’re looking for.


Complete your outdoor entertaining area

We can’t wait to bring your pool to life, with polished concrete. You’ll wonder why you went this long without updating its surrounds. This area will become ‘the’ place to hang out, entertain, and relax. It’ll rival the kitchen as the heart of the home, at least during the summertime. Let’s start dreaming up this area of the house. It’s going to be very special.


If you’re searching for a reliable, affordable and friendly polished concrete pool surrounds company in the Gold Coast, contact us.