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If you’re building a new home in the Gold Coast, it’s likely that the concrete driveway construction will be in your building contract as part of the complete home price. However, most home builders will subcontract out to a builder like us, and then put their margin on it. The cost of leaving the driveways construction in your contract is more expensive than if you contact us.


Everyone is talking about exposed aggregate concrete driveways and paths, but why? With property prices increasing, homeowners are realising that it’s often worth spending just a little bit extra money to go from plain concrete driveways to exposed aggregate. This stunning feature can really contrast your lawn, and home and make it look like an architectural masterpiece. So what exactly is exposed aggregate?


If you’re looking to get a concrete driveway put in your home then it may be worth considering paying a fraction more and going for a coloured concrete finish rather than simply a plain concrete driveway. The cost difference is negligible but with the way house prices are now, any investment in improving the look of your home can pay dividends.

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Looking for the durability and style of plain concrete, but want a bit more something-something? Stencilled concrete might be just right for you. It’s visually striking and just like stamped concrete, the options are endless. Re-create finishes such as slate or terracotta tile, then put your individual design spin on it. We’ll even go as far as to call it ‘artwork’ because it is.


Imagine having the look of stone, brick, slate, cobblestone and other high-end finishes without the hefty price tag? That’s the value of stamped concrete. The design potential is limitless, and you don’t have to sacrifice on quality and longevity. This makes stamped concrete driveways a great option for new homes and renovation projects, as well as appealing for customer-facing businesses.


Concrete resurfacing is more than just adding another layer onto the previous one. The first step is to repair the cracks and fill them with an epoxy product. Then, it’s ready for resurfacing from a decorative perspective. It’s part functional, part aesthetic. Every resurfacing project is different, leveraging techniques specific to a client’s desired results.

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Concrete polishing has risen in popularity for driveway surfacing. This was predominately used in commercial situations but is now loved in residential applications. Today, polished concrete is a combination of several elements – cement, stone, and colouring agents. When polished, they are extraordinary.


Are you looking to hire a reliable and experienced concrete company for small jobs? We offer am affordable, professional service for concrete tasks around the home. Our specialty is concrete driveways and the tasks that come with this, like footpath reinstatement.


Oftentimes, we need to destroy a footpath to make way for a new driveway. This tends to happen in developments, but also in residential projects. Either the space isn’t big enough or there’s an obstruction, which leads us to removing then reinstating the footpath.

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We offer a wide range of concreting services in the Gold Coast from concrete driveways, concrete resurfacing, concrete stenciling and much more. If you need a service that goes above and beyond, then we are the team for you.


We take great pride in all of our concreting work that we undertake, and will always work hard to provide the best results mixed with the best customer service possible, we work with you to get the results that you need.


We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients. We use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done quickly but also giving attention to details and ensuring everything is done correctly.

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We are the leading concrete driveways company on the Gold Coast. We have years of experience and have helped thousands of local residence install the concrete driveway of their dreams. We can construct and build a large variety of driveways from concrete, exposed aggregate, patterned and coloured concrete, and much much more. We have a fully qualified team of experts that take an equal amount of time and care into every job and can get you the design and texture that you want.



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