Coloured Concrete Driveways Gold Coast

If you're looking to get a concrete driveway put in your home then it may be worth considering paying a fraction more and going for a coloured concrete finish rather than simply a plain concrete driveway. The cost difference is negligible but with the way house prices are now, any investment in improving the look of your home can pay dividends.

Coloured concrete is one of the most cost effective ways to freshen up the street appeal and distinguish your property from plain concrete used in so many driveways.

There are a few ways that concrete can be coloured. Often an oxide or colouring is mixed in with the concrete mix. The idea being that the colour will go right through, and help safeguard against losing colour through surface wear and tear.

The most common method and longest lasting is to use a good quality concrete paint and go over the whole driveway.

Getting back to the cost effectiveness through the addition of colouring agents to concrete, you can have a more affordable and easier way to improve the look of your coloured concrete driveway.

These colouring agents combined with stencil patterns imprinted, or different textures can make your driveway look simply stunning without costing a fortune.

Various pigments can be mixed with concrete to match your ideal colour choice.

patterned concrete

stamped concrete