Concrete footpath reinstatement

Oftentimes, we need to destroy a footpath to make way for a new driveway. This tends to happen in developments, but also in residential projects. Either the space isn’t big enough or there’s an obstruction, which leads us to removing then reinstating the footpath.


However, the client ends up with a beautiful new driveway and footpath. Our service helps enhance and improve paths that lead to and from the driveway. We do this by leveraging high quality equipment to transform the entire area. Gorgeous, finely textured paths are an add-on to the core service, the concrete driveway.


Concrete path repair and reinstatement

Utilise our skills and capabilities to create stylish, attractive footpaths as we update your concrete driveway. Just as we offer stamped, stencilled and polished concrete driveway options (and more), the same goes for your new pathways.


Would you like to replicate masonry patterns in concrete? Evenly textured walks to your driveway? We can do this. Our specialists see the complete look, the driveway and footpaths. As such, we’re able to advise you well on how it should look, function, and intersect with the concrete driveway. We can also build a footpath around your pool to create a concrete pool surrounding that will make it safer, and more ascetically pleasing to the overall design.


Reinstatement experts

While it might be frustrating to have to remove and reinstate your footpath, know that you’re in good hands. Concrete is our specialist material. Whether it’s working on a driveway or footpath, our focus is ensuring you’re happy with the end result. We aim to make sure you’ve happier with the look and function of your footpath than before. So, it’s a win-win.


Whether this project is for a home renovation, a commercial business or development, we’ll ensure you’re happy with the end result. Talk to us about any concerns you have, particularly if you’re operating a customer-facing business.


After a few days, the space will be looking better than it ever has before. This is our promise to you. We adhere to minimal disruption throughout the process, engaging with you often so you’re never left in the dark.


Have you got a vision for your new footpaths? maybe you want a stamped concrete option? once we tear the old ones down to make way for your new concrete driveway? This is an opportunity to elevate the look of that entire area. With a large range of patterns, textures and colour options, the sky’s the limit.


If you’re searching for a reliable, affordable and friendly concrete footpath reinstatement company in the Gold Coast, contact us.

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