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Welcome to our website for Concrete Driveways Gold Coast. Don't let the name mislead you, we don't JUST do driveways, we do all things concrete. However in our ever changing world we felt it necessary to promote what our family do specialise in (and have specialised in for over 20 years), and that is bringing you the best quality driveways, perimeter concrete and paths.

We aren't new, we've been concreting well over 20 years, and taking on landscaping and retaining wall projects (which we still do from time to time also) but our main passion is concreting, and specialising in getting everything in this field 100% right.

Our mission is to be the very best, and we understand that you are only as good as your worst job. This is why we operate differently, trying to refine techniques for every pour, every exposed aggregate job, every patterned and coloured concrete job, so that our work looks stunning and lasts!

Communication, trust, and being on the same page are of utmost importance in achieving this goal. This is a two way street, as we also choose to work with the clients who are realistic and fair. We've had to walk away from jobs that owners wanted to take shortcuts on, or others who simply didn't understand the enormity of the scope of works. Integrity means more than $, at the end of the day our goal is to do a top quality job, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We hope you check out some of our great reviews online and on the site, and talk to our friendly team who can discuss the unique requirements (in detail) of your job. Give us a call and you'll see why you can trust us with your job.

No two jobs are ever the same, that's why we like to ask as many questions as possible about the type of finish, the slope, the depth, the M2 and in some cases when photos aren't enough, we will get down there ASAP to have a look at the site. Because we ask so many questions, this allows 2 things.

1) we get a better understanding of you job, what it's for, why you're making the upgrade. Then we can make sure we are on the same page, and that we are the right company for you.

2) Asking you a lot of questions allows us to knock out any "unknowns" which many builders just add on extra for. So we can give you the best possible prices in the Gold Coast.

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