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Concrete Resurfacing Gold Coast

Concrete resurfacing is more than just adding another layer onto the previous one. The first step is to repair the cracks and fill them with an epoxy product. Then, it’s ready for resurfacing from a decorative perspective. It’s part functional, part aesthetic. Every resurfacing project is different, leveraging techniques specific to a client’s desired results.


Stamping and stencilling processes are popular, with the help of colouring agents to give the driveway an appearance of natural stone, pavers or an elaborate pattern. There’s no limit to what your revived concrete driveway can look like. With stamped, stencil, polished and other concrete driveway types available to you, in a matter of hours, you’ll have an entirely new ‘welcome’ entry into your home. This adds lifestyle and financial appeal to your home, which will pay off ten-fold over the decades.


Factors to consider for your driveway update

How much you can expect to pay depends on a number of variables. This includes the driveway’s slope, the number of colours, the level of difficulty, the chosen pattern, and amount of preparation to kick off the resurfacing project.

driveway resurfacing gold coast
resurface concrete

Update your concrete driveway

Why leave your concrete in a less than ideal condition when it’s this easy to make it look fab? Cracked and damaged concrete on your driveway or even your concrete footpath can be transformed quickly and last for DECADES. If you’re thinking of selling your house or simply want to ensure street appeal, reviving old concrete is worthwhile.


Partner with concrete professionals

It’s important to work with concrete specialists who are experts and can give you all the details that might affect your decision. Contractors like us will look at the general condition of the driveway, the size and location, and the kind of surface we’ll work on. Give life back to your driveway by hiring us to clean, repair cracks, apply base coat, and if required, place the stencil pattern over the base coat – followed by the top-coat and patterns. A sealer will finish the resurfacing project off, so it looks as good as new.


Whether your driveway just needs a high pressure clean, a fresh coat of concrete slate or something else, our team of resurfacing specialists can help you. Our concrete contractors are ready to jazz up your front yard, by updating your driveway.


If you’re searching for a reliable, affordable and friendly concrete driveway resurfacing company in the Gold Coast, contact us.

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