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If you're building a new home in the Gold Coast, it's likely that the concrete driveway construction will be in your building contract as part of the complete home price. However, most home builders will subcontract out to a builder like us, and then put their margin on it. The cost of leaving the driveways construction in your contract is more expensive than if you contact us.

Add to this, it's only the fact the site supervisor who meets the concrete contractor and not you, and there's just a little less accountability. Why not cut out the middle man, save some money, and most importantly know who you're hiring to do your concrete driveway. How do we know this? Because a lot of our work has been done for these companies, and we know they have to put margin on top.

Let us provide a free quote for your concrete driveway anywhere in the Gold Coast region. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the value, our professionalism and our quality range of finishes.


Benefits of using concrete

A concrete driveway has many benefits, value, durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance with resurfacing allowing you to breathe new life into old concrete. But chances are you already know this if you're reading this.


Concrete Stands the test of time:

It's durable, and our team of experts will ensure that the preparation is done correctly to get the correct MPA strength concrete, to ensure it has the correct steel reinforcing (no cutting corners) and to ensure that the depth is prepared correctly to get the right thickness. These are often three factors where shortcuts can be taken but it's not worth it if you're looking for longevity in a driveway.

If driveways are poured correctly, the concrete can last 50 years or more. So they are brilliant for durability and longevity. The high temperatures we get throughout Australian summers have very little effect on concrete, and we all know the Gold Coast can get very hot throughout times of the year. Concrete expands and contracts with changes in the outdoor temperature and humidity. This may lead to cracks overtime. Cracks need to be wider than 3mm to provide passage to other areas of your home.

To prevent these cracks, our professional concrete builders typically lay large square concrete slabs with joints between them. This also helps regulate the process of curing (hardening and strengthening). To assist with durability, we seal our concrete driveways to maintain its structure. This also helps prevent staining, protects the colour, if any, and eliminates the risk of slipping on surfaces that have a slight slope.

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A concrete driveway represents great value. With the right team, it can be prepared, poured, coloured and sealed in a matter of days. The main drawback is waiting for it to cure or set before putting the full weight of a car on your drive.

The Driveways Look Great

Whether you want a smooth finish, a colour, a pattern, decorative concrete or acid washed exposed aggregate. Even a plain concrete driveway looks great. It's even in colour, smooth, and creates the perfect backdrop for any landscaping

Concrete is Low Maintenance

Just give it the odd sweep and hose down, and you can keep your driveway looking great. If you get oil stains there are degreasers and solvents that can help get that out. But of course as common sense says, it's going to be a lot easier if it's not a long term problem with a leaking car.

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Create a simple driveway design for your Gold Coast home

Nothing beats a plain, classic concrete driveway. If you’re looking for a specialist in the Gold Coast, we’re it. You find the clean, plain concrete look more appealing than decorative styles. Your house is stylish enough, so you just want the driveway to complete it – rather than be a standalone feature. No job is too big or small for us, as concrete specialists. This is what we do, day in and day out. This is our speciality. We guarantee a gorgeous finish, a surface that’ll last for many years to come, and a feature that adds value to your home. You just need to see our before and after photos to get a sense for how great this looks.

Yes, we’re concrete fanatics. We just love what we can do with it. Concrete is versatile, strong and gives a beautiful finish, without costing you thousands. It holds the weight of multiple vehicles, is exposed to the elements, and is therefore, great value for money. Are you looking for a quote for a plain concrete driveway? Organise a time for our team to come out and take a look at the surface. We’ll sit down with you and provide a consultation, based on your needs, budget, and design style. Being concrete experts, we’re happy to offer ideas and advice, outside of the standard driveway surface. Do you have a footpath or pool that also needs a surface overhaul? We can help you with this.

Feel free to reach out to us in the future for repairs and updates. Our clients tell us how great it is to know that we’ve been in business for many years – and will be, for decades to come.

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