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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways

Everyone is talking about exposed aggregate concrete driveways and paths, but why? With property prices increasing, homeowners are realising that it's often worth spending just a little bit extra money to go from plain concrete driveways to exposed aggregate. This stunning feature can really contrast your lawn, and home and make it look like an architectural masterpiece. So what exactly is exposed aggregate?

What is exposed Aggregate Concrete

Aggregate is just a fancy name for any stones, rocks or pebbles that are put into the concrete mix. Exposed, means that rather than being smoothed into the driveway finish as in a plain concrete driveway, these are exposed to create a textured and more artistic finish, as well as allowing for patterned and coloured styles of concrete with the overall finish.

So how do they expose the aggregate? Great question. Often the concreter will scatter some aggregate on top of the wet cement right at the end of levelling the job. This just adds a bit more aggregate near the surface. Next will come an acid wash (usually some acid in a watering can is enough) This will wash away a little bit of the surface concrete, exposing the aggregate even more.

What are the benefits of exposed aggregate?

The main benefit is looks. Exposed aggregate looks great, it's durable, hard wearing, long lasting, but again, it looks great. If you have an architectural home, or you're looking to enhance street appeal to get top dollar for your home, then we recommend an exposed aggregate driveway.

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What sort of colour ranges?

These are limited only by your imagination. Lighter coloured sands can be used in the base concrete mix, and there are a variety of colours, textures, and sizes of aggregate that can be chosen.

Are different textures available for exposed aggregate?

Yes there are, there are smooth and textured versions. For a sloped driveway we recommend avoiding the smaller round pebbles on top and using a rougher stone. You can still get great effects, and choose a variety of colours to compliment the home, but it won't be as slippery. Typically exposed aggregate driveways are sealed, but too much sealant on a driveway with polished pebbles can cause issues by being too slippery when it rains.

Fortunately our experts can work with you to get the desired look, colour and texture to make your Gold Coast driveway look amazing and be suitable for your needs. What is the best method to ensure a flawless finish of my driveway? There is always a formula for ensuring these jobs are done correctly. Exposed aggregate is no exception, in fact it requires a bit more skill than plain concrete. Our formula goes something like this. We complete the paperwork and agree on a convenient completion date for both of us. Then the allocated works manager prepares a plan. He will be your point of contact from start to finish (Which usually isn't very long) We pre-prepare your site, again this can vary with each job. We check off site preparation with you and are now ready to commence the concrete pour.

Pouring The Concrete

We double check the colour of the concrete mix, and also the stone you've chosen to be added as aggregate. This is done before the big day. When it's time to pour, our we get there early to set up all the formwork, steel reinforcing so it's ready to go. We can again go over the job at this stage, just before we are ready to pour to ensure that everything is set up correctly, in the correct place. The exposed aggregate concrete mix will arrive, we pour it, we smooth it, we add additional stones on top to your liking.

The same day or the following day (Weather permitting) we can acid wash the driveway to expose the aggregate more. We cut in control joints at the right time in the process to help control cracking caused by minor movement. Then we seal the concrete and you have an amazing exposed aggregate concrete driveway that will be the envy of everyone in your street.

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