Concrete shed pads

The shed is an important part of every home. It’s not just a place all your outdoor items and tools are stored. It doubles as a man cave, a place for him to work on his own projects, tinker, and gather with his mates. An informal man cave, where women and kids won’t go. This isn’t just a place to store the lawnmower. Whatever its purpose, we can help you with your concrete shed pad. Let us know what type of finish you’re after and we’ll create it.


What is a concrete shed base?

Concrete shed pads are the strongest type of foundation there is. This makes it an extremely popular option for sheds of all sizes and uses. The biggest advantage of a pad is the way it holds the shed in place. It won’t shift or settle. We don’t advise attempting to do this yourself, on a DIY-inspired weekend. This is a service that should be left to concrete experts. We can also install a footpath around your shed for ease of access and to make the build stand out far more.

The best foundation choice for your shed

Shed pads offer a long-term solution for your existing or new shed. It’s ideal for all types of storage sheds, when it doesn’t have a pre-built floor. This also ensures the shed remains level and gives it longevity, no matter what Mother Nature brings. There are different types of concrete foundations, so it’s best to partner with a professional who can bring your vision to life. By choosing a concrete specialist, you’ll get advice and knowledge not only for your shed, but other parts of your home that might benefit from concrete.


Shed pad installation

Shed pads are one of our areas of specialty. We’ve helped many clients, just like you, with their concrete requirements for shed pads. Over the years, we’ve honed our construction and installation approach for the suburban backyard – right through to larger pads for rural sheds and workshops. No matter what size concrete shed pad you’re looking for, we can help.


We can install the concrete once your shed has been erected or prior to this. It’s helpful if we have access to any drawings for your particular shed. For regular small garden sheds, you won’t find a better surface than concrete pads. Tell us what you envision and we’ll create the look, while making it functional.


If you’re searching for a reliable, affordable and friendly concrete shed pad company in the Gold Coast, contact us.

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